From Editor 2/1

In this issue of the TARİHÇİ, ten different articles are presented to you. Ferit Yücebaş deals with the epidemic diseases, one of the prominent problems that have shown since the establishment of the Turkish Republic, and the ways of combating the epidemic. Tolga Han Arun examines how the temples and foundations work in Hittite Empire, and what are their functions. Ali Kaşıyuğun focuses on the aid performed by people to the army during the National Struggle. İsmet Batur Batır gives valuable information on the importance and the role in the trade life of Huzistan in the 10th and 11th centuries.  Rıfat İlhan Çelik shares key findings with readers  on the entery of Seljuk Sultan Izzeddin Kaykavus into the Futuvvet Organization.  Gürkan Cevger and Metehan Bozkurt give information on conversion events according to religious court records. Mehmet Korkmaz, in his article, focuses on the life and works of Mehmed Şükrü Bey who was a teacher in Naval War School. Şaban Demir takes part in the TARİHÇİ with his work on how the female body was shown in the Ottoman press. Sefa Furkan Karacakaya writes Jean-Paul Roux’s life, which was devoted to Turkish history, and his works.  Finally, Prof. Seçil Karal Akgün is the guest of the TARİHÇİ with his interview about his experiences.

I hope these valuable articles will be useful to you. I wish you a good reading.