From Editor 1/3

Dear Reader,

In the 3rd issue of the TARİHÇİ, six different articles are presented to you. Ali Açıkel, in his article written in English, deals with the attitude and reactions of the Ottoman Empire to the developments in the West. Hülya Kaya Hasdemir gives interesting information about how the law of inheritance was applied in the Assyrian Empire, one of the ancient-age civilizations. Özgür Erbulut focuses on the turmoil in Tokat in 1897 and the judicial process after these turmoils. Božica Slavković Mirić, based on Serbian printed documents, evaluates the economic situation of Vardar, one of the banovinas that formed under the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The life of Lucian of Samosata, the author of the first known methodology book in historiography, and his book How to Write History reaches you with the pen of Elif Ayça Karaca. Finally, Prof. Tuncer Baykara is the guest of the TARİHÇİ with his interview about his experiences.

I hope these interesting articles will be useful to you. I wish you a good reading.