Writing Principles

1. Articles should be based on research.
2. Articles should be built on a specific problematic.
3. Resources should be used in article and these should be indicated in footnote with Chicago citation system. Please check the link for detailed information about the Chicago references. chicagomanuel
4. Articles sent to Tarihçi must be original works.
Articles published in other journals will be returned to the authors.
5. The study presented orally at scientific meetings but not published can be sent to Tarihçi with a statement that it has not been published before. Studies of this feature are included in the referee process.
6. Articles should contain Turkish and English titles and abstracts. Abstract should not exceed 200 words in both languages. There should be a maximum of five keywords under the abstract.
7. The title of author, name-surname and ORCID number should be added under the title of the article. The institution of the author and the email address must be included in the explanatory footnote.
8. The article should be limited to 10.000 words with Times Roman Tur font and 12 pt. The main title of the article should be 14 pt with Times Roman Tur font and subtitles should be 12 pt and bold.
9. References used in the article should be given according to the Chicago citation system.
Please check the template showing heading, subheadings and the citation system: Article Template