Publishing Principles

Tarihçi is an international peer-reviewed journal issued in Turkish and English. Tarihçi is an open-access journal and  no fee is charged for articles published in it.
It is issued three times per year, in January, May and September. Article submission dates are December 01 for the January issue, April 01 for the May issue, and August 01 for September issue. 
Studies on historiography, methodos, theory and historical events are published in Tarihçi and it is open every studying areas related to history.
Articles submitted by authors are passed through plagiarism programs. The similarity rate above 15% according to the plagiarism program means that the article is rejected without entering the referee process. The article is returned to its author.
Articles passing the plagiarism program are sent to the referees. Articles passing the double-blind referee process are entitled to be published in Tarihçi.
An article receiving negative reports from two referees is not published. An article receiving a negative report from a referee is sent to another referee for re-evaluation.
Articles whose refereeing process is completed are put in order according to the priority of submission.
Apart from the refereeing process, the editor-in-chief or the editorial assistants can request correction. The author is obliged to submit the revised text to Tarihçi.
The editor-in-chief or the editorial assistants can make the necessary changes on the text.
The opinions and all kinds of claims in the article belong to the author. Tarihçi and the editor-in-chief do not have any responsibility for the content of the article.
Authors bear the responsibility of the copyrights of the opinions, thoughts, visual materials used in their articles or any intellectual and artistic products.
Any legal responsibility due to the article published in Tarihçi belongs directly to the author. All financial obligations arising from the legal process are borne by the author.
No royalty fees are paid for articles published in Tarihçi.

NOTICE: To send an article to Tarihçi means accepting the above-mentioned principles.