From Editor

      Dear Reader,
      The first issue of Tarihçi that will host historical researches is with you. One may wonder why the journal’s name directly describes the historian as a subject, not history. While explaining this, I will, at the same time, share with you the reason for the publication of the journal. Firstly, what I would like to point out is that there cannot be any independent historical information apart from the historian. Everything we know or even may know about the past is the information produced by the historian. If the historian doesn’t produce information about the past, historical knowledge doesn’t exist. Secondly, I would like to emphasize the importance of the method used by the historian to produce historical information. Based on these two points, the journal set out with the aim of focusing both on the historian, producing historical information, and publishing articles on historical knowledge. In addition to being a field where academic researches are published, the journal will also endeavor to contribute to the formation of a certain culture of criticism. On the other hand, each issue will try to include historians who contributed to the development of historiography and historical theories that have influenced the production of historical knowledge. 
      We present eleven articles in this issue. Nine of these are research articles that I think will contribute to their fields. The other two articles aim to introduce two historians to you. 
    Tarihçi, published as an online journal, also aims to bring authors together with the reader. After each issue, programs will be made with the authors on social media and therefore, the articles published in the journal will be opened to discussion. Information about these programs will be announced on the website.
      I would like to thank all researchers, reviewers and readers who supported the journal by following Tarihçi.
                                          Taha Niyazi KARACA